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All those who were skeptical about the potential of the crypto currency  only this year perhaps understood the great  opportunity missed, and thanks to the wider diffusion of the media, even in the far suburbs the time came for this new big opportunity  .If you  do a quick search about how many left names there are avaliable about cryptos you will discover that they  have been all purchased. The moment to invest is this and this is the big name that will make the trend on the  internet  for the coming years. It is no coincidence that searches for these two important keywords have risen from 0 to 40500 in 3 months and are destined to rise over and over.Today is for sale on Flippa If you have any question drop two lines to multiuse acronym domain OR is Multiuse acronym domain only 2 letters.And the new Donuts domain extension .fyi (for your information) is perfect.It could be used for Olympic Records/Results Website or an embarrassment of riches for all the other meanings.

On Request O-Ring  Outdoor Research Office of Record  Official Records (Of the American Civil War; historical citations) Oregon (US postal abbreviation)  Orange Range (Japanese rock band) Organization Administrator Object Reference (CORBA)Operating Range  Operating Room  Open Repair  Operations Research  Operations Room  Operations Requirements  Operations Resources  Ontario Reports  Oak Ridge  Officer Representative  On-Site Representative  Open Root (welding)  etc etc etc.

WWW.BELLE.ZONE on auction at Namesilo

Belle Zone : the meaning in English is beautiful areas, a name that indicates the most beautiful areas of the city,or the country or the region, could be a perfect and successful name for French or Italian real estate agency, although it is a generic name could be brandable, due to the particularity of the extension. Easy to remember and only 1 word plus the extension zone.Estibot appraise for this domain 370$.But it could be much more, estibot do not consider the value of keywords in other languages. the  keyword “webmaster ” have a volume search 0f  201.000/month | CPC: €2.12 | Competition: 0.03.

Valuable keyword: webmaster is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $1975.

Another extension sold with high price: with a different extension sold for over $16141.
Short: webmaster is 15 characters or less.


WWW.CE.FYI Only 2 letters domain name  Volume search for the keyword ce on google is 1.000.000/monthly | CPC: €0.40 .This new fabolous  gTLD extension .fyi might not be so popular at the moment but like other extensions that were unknown a few years ago,( for example the .xyz before  underestimated)it could soon become popular.Godaddy appraisal is 2387 $ . Comparable domains already sold  are : ce .se 4200 $, 5598 $ .Extension taken 22 other extensions of ce are in use.The meanings related to the acronym CE seems to be endless if you just go to for a google search.

Chinese Export Customer Experience Career Education Chief Executive  Council of Europe Combat Evolved (game) Civil Engineer  Collectors Edition Control Engineering Communauté EuropéenneCooperative Extension Clint Eastwood (actor) Center of Excellence Corps of Engineers Control Element Classic Edition (Toyota car model) Comité d’Entreprise (French) Comunita Europea (Italian: European Community) Comunità Europea (Italian: European Community) Chief Engineer Comunidade etc etc.

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