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WWW.FLIGHTS.CX is for sale is the perfect name for an airline ticketing system online.One of the most common search online is about that.Let’s see first what godaddy appraisal tell about it : Estimated Value: $3,177 (USD).Why this is valuable
Comparable domains sold: $5,000 (USD) $25,000+ (USD) $11,770 (USD)
Valuable keyword: flights is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $2537.Memorable: is easy to remember.Broad appeal: is a single English word.Some data from google search : Volume: 5.000.000/mo | CPC: €1.21 | Competition: 0.33 . Approximately 115,000,000 results. Sedo suggested price is 36812,00$ .For incoming offers email to

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