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www.899.fyi Buy this lucky short numeric internet domain name to advertise your sales activity.The auction will end on this current month on the day 28 time 08:08.



WWW.FLIGHTS.CX is for sale

www.flights.cx is the perfect name for an airline ticketing system online.One of the most common search online is about that.Let’s see first what godaddy appraisal tell about it : Estimated Value: $3,177 (USD).Why this is valuable
Comparable domains sold:
flights.global $5,000 (USD)  flights.ca $25,000+ (USD)flights.us $11,770 (USD)
Valuable keyword: flights is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $2537.Memorable: flights.cx is easy to remember.Broad appeal: flights.cx is a single English word.Some data from google search : Volume: 5.000.000/mo | CPC: €1.21 | Competition: 0.33 . Approximately 115,000,000 results. Sedo suggested price is 36812,00$ .For incoming offers email to domainerdomain@gmail.com

WWW.BELLE.ZONE on auction at Namesilo

Belle Zone : the meaning in English is beautiful areas, a name that indicates the most beautiful areas of the city,or the country or the region, could be a perfect and successful name for French or Italian real estate agency, although it is a generic name could be brandable, due to the particularity of the extension. Easy to remember and only 1 word plus the extension zone.Estibot appraise for this domain 370$.But it could be much more, estibot do not consider the value of keywords in other languages.This unique domain name is for sale on auction at Namesilo  with  only 50$ of reserve . You can place your bid by clicking here   .


Domain Name www.ET.fyi

WWW.ET.FYI   ET Search  Volume For : 823.000/month | CPC: €0.37
Estimated Value: $1,985 (USD

Comparable domains sold:
et.com $25,000+ (USD)
ec.uk.com $6,900 (USD)
ed.ai $2,000 (USD)


www.webmaster.codes the  keyword “webmaster ” have a volume search 0f  201.000/month | CPC: €2.12 | Competition: 0.03.

Valuable keyword: webmaster is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $1975.

Another extension sold with high price: webmaster.nl with a different extension sold for over $16141.
Short: webmaster is 15 characters or less.


WWW.CE.FYI Only 2 letters domain name

CE.FYIce.fyi  Volume search for the keyword ce on google is 1.000.000/monthly | CPC: €0.40 .This new fabolous  gTLD extension .fyi might not be so popular at the moment but like other extensions that were unknown a few years ago,( for example the .xyz before  underestimated)it could soon become popular.Godaddy appraisal is 2387 $ . Comparable domains already sold  are : ce .se 4200 $,ce.fr 5598 $ .Extension taken 22 other extensions of ce are in use.The meanings related to the acronym CE seems to be endless if you just go to for a google search.

Chinese Export Customer Experience Career Education Chief Executive  Council of Europe Combat Evolved (game) Civil Engineer  Collectors Edition Control Engineering Communauté EuropéenneCooperative Extension Clint Eastwood (actor) Center of Excellence Corps of Engineers Control Element Classic Edition (Toyota car model) Comité d’Entreprise (French) Comunita Europea (Italian: European Community) Comunità Europea (Italian: European Community) Chief Engineer Comunidade etc etc.

Information email – please do not spam this email (I do not want to buy any service) domainerdomain(at)gmail.com


Rockmusic.top  74000 Searches per month .Estibot appraisal 1900$ . Godaddy 582 $ . Webdomain about the best rock music of all time.Using a top domain   makes most sense when it is a top list of something. This domain works  for a reference site on some of the best rock music of all time .


Bets.cx . The extension of domain cx is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Christmas Island, but it has relative importance .The acronym cx can refer to many words , and can easily be used for a great website.With this domain is expected to be developed a website about online bets, casino  ,sportive bets.It could be simply used as affiliations website and generate earnings by itself. The Volume search for they keyword “bets”is : 1.220.000/month | CPC: €4.17 | Competition: 0.12.We already have a template which could be modified and developed in about 1-2 weeks .Godaddy appraisal is $2,144 (USD).Freevaluator is € 577.86  

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